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We are offering best quality Cable Trays, which are the best quality tray systems, employed to aid insulated electrical cables. These are applicable for control, power distribution, and communication. These are also applicable as the alternative to electrical conduit systems as well as open wiring.

cable tray Manufacturer And supplier

These are usually employed for cable management in industrial as well as commercial construction. The trays are especially advantageous in situations where variations to a wiring system. These render strong stage for heavy cable installation. Offered trays are stout and made from best quality stainless steel metal, which render protection from rust and bestow strength. 

Cable Trays are suited in almost all industries for power distribution as well as communication. These are suitable in various places and are totally robust in their construction.

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frp cable

We are among the leading FRP manufacturers in India and have recently introduced FRP cable trays. FRP cable trays are strong and reliable holders that can hold cables, wires used in corrosive environments. FRP cable trays are ideal to support large volume of network cables across open spans. The cable trays protect against overheating and fire build-up issues.

frp cable tray Manufacturer And supplier

Cable trays manufactured from FRP sections/profiles have a longer life as compared to GI or any other material used to make cable trays. We also provide FRP Coupler Plates with SS Bolt and Nut-washers with the cable trays.

Our FRP cable support systems are ideal for locations where the metallic systems get easily corroded (Iron forms rusty layer and Aluminum makes white or silver greyish patina).

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All the FRP range of perforated products is corrosion resistant. These products are lighter in weight and can be easily moved and transported from one place to another. You don’t need earthing for these products. These are made of UV-resistant materials. The thermal conductivity is very low. These are halogen free and nontoxic and have a long life cycles.

Features of FRP Cable Trays :

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